Department of Botany - Sree Gokulam Arts & Science College

Established in 2020, the Department of Botany has a key role in natural resource management. This field offers the wide range of career opportunities. A well-balanced curriculum having theory and practical with qualified/dedicated faculty has been the hall mark of this Department.

  • BSc. Botany
  • Dr Asalatha P K Msc PhD
  • Ms. Dilna P K MSc, MPhil
  • Infrastructure : Smart Classrooms, Seminar Hall, Auditorium
  • Labs : Well-equipped for students to perform various botany practicals.
  • Library : It has a wide collection of books and research journals

100% pass secured in first semester university exam

Seminars : Plans to hold National Seminars, Workshops, Training Programmes. Certificate Courses, Add-on Programmes

Extension : Plantation Programmes, Field visits, Competitions and visit to research institutions.

Non-Academic : Study tour, Music Club, Social Activities. Government programmes

Teaching, Research, placements as Ecologists, Horticulturists, Plant pathologists, Taxonomists, Plant biochemists, and Farming consultants.

Can seek jobs in Dept. Of Environment protection, National parks, Nature Conservancy, Dept. Of Nature and Land Management, Dept. of Agriculture and Water, Forest Services, NIO, IARI, ICFR, IARI, CTCRI, BSI, and Museums.

Dr. Asalatha P K

Asst. Professor
Dr. Asalatha P K

Dilna PK

Asst. Professor
Dilna PK